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Building Services

Facility Management and Service

■   Provide preventive/scheduled and corrective/unscheduled maintenance services for multiple state-owned and operated facilities across the state.
■   Provide all labor and material to perform on-site facility maintenance and preventive maintenance services.
■   A Single source for facility maintenance needs including staff, materials, spare parts, etc.
■   Improved facility life and operational performance through a staff dedicated to meeting the preventive maintenance needs of all facility equipment; thereby reducing equipment failures and facility operational downtime.
■   Supervision of staff, subcontractor and labor management provided to meet the needs of the Program and individual needs of each facility while providing outstanding service under the Contract’s Scope of Services.
■   On-site technicians supported by regional managers to provide fast and complete service with dedicated response to facility requests and emergencies.
■   Professional maintenance program provides more reliable and energy efficient facilities.

■   Suspended ceilings
■   Carpentry and general repairs
■   Drywall
■   Door hinge and lock repair
■   Gates
■   Fencing
■   Concrete and asphalt
■   Signage

■   Exterior Maintenance
■   Floor Care
■   HVAC Preventative Maintenance
■   Interior Maintenance
■   Landscaping
■   Parking Lot Striping/Sidewalk
■   Plumbing
■   Roofing